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  DeKalb County Central United School District    
  2019 Capital Referendum    
DeKalb County
  1 The results of this calculator will differ from the calculator found on the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance's ("DLGF") web page.  The DLGF's calculator will only present the maximum ballot rate of $0.3391 (Construction), without accounting for the roll off of non-exempt debt or growth in assessed value.     
  2. The total tax rate includes tax rates of other taxing districts in addition to the Town.  The referenda liability will change in relation to changes with other overlapping and underlying tax district changes.    
  3. Real property assessments are adjusted annually due to changes in market conditions.  The referenda liability will change in relation to changes in parcel gross assessed values.    
  4. Homestead parcels are assumed to have homestead, supplemental homestead and mortgage deductions.    
  5. For simplicity, local income tax property tax credits have NOT been included in the tax calculator estimate and your actual tax bill may be less than what is estimated in the calculator.    
How to find your Gross Assessed Value: 
1. Visit the DeKalb County Assessor's website and look for your Property Record Card.
2. Refer to your most recent Annual Tax Statement from the County Treasurer. Table 1: Line 1a, 1b or 1c.  
Estimated Impact of the Proposed School's Construction Referenda
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Select Your Taxing District (Dropdown below) Estimated annual change between 2019 and 2022 property taxes due to proposed Construction Referenda.
      2020 2021 2022    
Monthly Monthly Monthly
Annually Annually Annually
Construction Referenda
Existing With Referenda
2019 Debt Service Tax Rate
$ 0.4053
Estimated 2020 Debt Service Tax Rate 
$ 0.3402
Estimated 2020 Construction Referenda Tax Rate 
$ 0.0498
  Estimated Net change from 2019 to 2020 due To Construction Referenda $    
  Proposed Maximum Construction Referenda Tax Rate To Be Seen On The Ballot  (2025) $ 0.3391